IV Safety Cannula

Fannin is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and offering a wide range of safety cannulas. Our vascular access products are widely used in Emergency Departments, Operating Theatres, Intensive Care Units, and Medical and Surgical Wards.

The SentraCath IV Safety Cannula features a flashback needle to confirm venepuncture. It is designed with a thin-walled needle and a robust safety clip, ensuring minimal withdrawal resistance and activation force. Additionally, the cannula is engineered to reduce the risk of dislodgement, providing a safer and more reliable option for vascular access.

Watch our video to find out more about our IV Safety Cannula.

IV Safety Cannula Features

  •  User friendly, self-activating Safety mechanism
  •  Needle safety guard automatically covers the bevel after withdrawal of needle from the hub, minimizing the risk of needle stick injuries
  •  Easy identification of needle safety guard after covering needle tip due to color coding
  •  Rounded Grip on needle hub for better support
  •  Cannulation technique similar to conventional I.V. Cannula
  •  Special tapered & kink resistant FEP/PUR radiopaque catheter for easy insertion with optimal flow rates
  •  Manufactured from tested bio-compatible materials offering longer indwelling time
  •  Injection port with snap fit cap for easy opening and closing (For code: 11006)

Technical Details
Ordering Information
Product code Catheter ID/OD (mm) Flow rate (ml/min) Unit of issue NHSCS Code
Green SML/1850/18/P 1.3 65 50 n/a
Green SML/1854/18/32 1.3 70 50 n/a
Pink SML/1851/20/P 1.1 47 50 n/a
Blue SML/1852/22/P 0.9 28 50 n/a
Yellow SML/1853/24/P 0.7 17 50 n/a
Green SML/1812/18/P 1.3 65 50 FSP85103
Green SML/1813/18/P 1.3 70 50 FSP85116
Pink SML/1814/20/P 1.1 47 50 FSP85102
Blue SML/1815/22/P 0.9 28 50 FSP85114
Yellow SML/1816/24/P 0.7 17 50 FSP85098
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