SentraCath Blood Control IV Safety Cannula

  •  Blood control IV catheter reduces the risk of blood exposure and contamination
  •  No Venous compression is required during insertion, single handed technology provides ease of use
  •  Helping to maintain a clean access site
  •  Passive safety mechanism automatically encapsulates sharp needle bevel, preventing accidental needle stick injuries
  •  Needle Safety Guard significantly reduces the risk of transmission of blood borne pathogens like HBV, HCV & HIV
  •  Advanced Polyurethane catheter material ensures better bio-compatibility & longer indwelling time
  •  Perforated wings provide ventilation & prevent skin maceration
  •  Reduces the risk of Air Entry* when I.V. bottle runs dry
  •  Compatible with Power injectors upto 325-330 PSI
  •  Latex free, PVC free, DEHP free


Fannin SentraCath Blood Control IV Safety Cannula Brochure

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