Wound Closure Device

Non-invasive wound closure device for acute wounds such as lacerations and surgical incisions.  Designed to allow for a non-invasive closure of a wound and to encourage a tight closure of the wound for early and successful healing


  • Precise & unique design of the ribbon ensures the convenient application and appropriate closure force
  • Self-locking polypropylene hasps ensure the ribbon will not loosen during recovery.
  • Biocompatible & air-permeable medical adhesive tape ensures the device can be placed on human skin for long periods
  • Strong & stable holding power provides enough strength to close the wound
  • 180° peel strength ensures easy removal without any glue residue


Wound Closure Device Brochure

Technical Details
Material code Specification Material  Colour Pack size
PWF1001 Single - 1pc/ sheet, 10 sheets/ box Non-woven Skin 300
PZF1003 Combination - 10cm/ sheet, 10 sheets/ box Non-woven Skin 200
PZF1004 Combination - 13cm/ sheet, 10 sheets/ box Non-woven Skin 200

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