The Fannin Skintact® team are pleased to announce the launch of the iPRO ELITE Single Use Eye Protector. 

This next generation of the iPRO is manufactured from a light, translucent material. iPRO ELITE can be easily applied to the patients eye, during induced anaesthesia and is the only eye protector that uses a gentle silicone adhesive*. 

Silicone adhesives represent a significant advancement in medical adhesives1. The main benefits being that they are gentle to the skin1 and have a lower surface tension than traditional adhesives. This allows them to conform to the skin’s natural contours, creating a secure and constant bond 2,3,4.   

Research to date suggests that these products are gentler than other types of adhesive and are therefore associated with a lower risk of skin injury and discomfort during removal due to their physical properties1,5. In addition, each iPRO ELITE may be repositioned if required. 

Easy to use…

· The iPRO uses a gentle silicone adhesive to help reduce the risk of skin tears and abrasions

· The iPRO eye protector helps to keep the eye closed during surgery to reduce the risk of corneal abrasion

· The transparent design allows continued monitoring of the eye and orbital area during surgery

· The non-adhesive tab aids placement, positioning and removal, even while wearing gloves

· The product comes in convenient single-use sheets with one pair on each, packaged in a closed box to avoid the risk of contamination


· A gentler approach to eye protection during anaesthesia

· Reduced risk of contamination

· Reduced chance of skin tears


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* patent pending