SapphirePlusTM Infusion System

The Small, Simple Solution for Complex Healthcare

  • Easy to handle, fast to set up, and ready for the future with easy software upgrades
  • Help accelerate setup for rapid response
  • Integrate wirelessly with ICU Medical MedNet™ safety software
  • One common user interface for all your infusion needs

Help minimize errors, maximize compliance

  • Integrate wirelessly with ICU Medical MedNet safety software, covering 40 clinical care areas and
    capable of 11,000+ drug entries
  • Auto-default to the drug library with fast keyboard drug search

Administer medication with confidence

  • Gain 20/20 visibility into your medication practice with ICU Medical’s MedNet Performance Reports
  • Device and set designed with safety measures to protect from free flow
  • Precise infusing at +/- 2.5% accuracy*

Help ensure your investment has a long life

  • Resistant to fluid and dust ingress (IP24 rating)
  • Makes repairs easy with fewer than 175 total components

The SapphirePlus Portfolio


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