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The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many essential healthcare professional training programs have stalled. While there were some extensions to professional revalidation deadlines; healthcare professionals must continue to maintain and develop their skills.
Fannin have remained committed to meeting the educational needs of HCPs during these extraordinary times by providing any required on-site training as requested (maintaining safe social distances as appropriate). In addition, we are also offering online training sessions on our entire product range, including achieving safer surgery using Smoke Evacuation, Laparoscopy and Morcellation.
Dedicated product educators lead our training with in-depth product knowledge and the best evidence-based practice. If you are interested in receiving training or consulting with a product specialist, please contact us at education@fannin.eu or complete the contact form below.
Furthermore, our YouTube channel offers a wide range of short educational videos that allow our customers and clients flexible access to product training demonstrations.




    EvaQMax Smoke Evacuation Machine


    iPRO Eye Protector


    SftSOX Anti Slip Socks


    Sticky Mitt